Changes & Truth

Get up, leave for work, get through the day, get home. Hold it together... or I don't. Perhaps you can relate. Falling apart comes in many »

Berry Blast | Joes

Joe’s Tea Co. has a passion for supplying sustainably sourced organic tea. I mean... Straight off the bat, what's not to love? Digging deeper, they »

Eco-Cha | Sustainable Oolong

About Ecocha When a brand lives, breathes and operates its name! I love brands that focus on good quality tea and Eco-Cha source quality oolong. Even »

The Me Store

The Me Store speaks to ethics and well being. Founded by two Canadian women with a philosophy of natural living; to care for themselves, others AND »

What the fudge!?

Tea and food are high on the list of things I love. I mean... Anything with tea, anything with food, I'm probably gonna love it. Take »

Heavnely Golden Elixir

The Milana Company is a new Canadian brand that I've recently become obsessed with! Their all-organic launch collection is AMAZING, but as my opinion on this »

What the hell is yaupon?

There is only one caffeninted plant in the whole of north america... Do you know what it is? What Is Yaupon? Yaupon is a plant native »

Adagio Tea Tasting | Part II

Another day, another tea tasting! In case you missed it, back in January I was announced as one of five Adagio tea reps!!! I got to »

Black Dragon Pearls

About This Tea Origin: Fengqing, Yunnan Province,, China Supplier: Tea Repertoire Black Dragon Pearls are a hand-rolled black tea, famously from Yunnan Province, China. The artful »

Hot Cross Bun | Bluebird Tea Co.

Bluebird treats us with their weird, wonderful and downright tasty blends all year round. For me, and many other Bluebird fans, spring is the most anticipated »

JK Tea - Exquisite Chinese

Introducing JK Tea Shop: an online retailer and wholesaler spcecialising in quality Chinese tea! Ban Yan Da Hong Pao Origin: Wuyishan city, Fujian Province, China Harvest: »

The Milana Company

The Milana Company is the latest tea brand I've fallen in love with. They're Canadian (big up Canada, woop woop) and strive to make a difference »

Adagio Tea Tasting | Part I

Exciting news Tea Bellies! Back in January I was announced as one of five Adagio tea reps!!! I'm super excited to be working on this project »

4 Reasons You NEED Glass Teaware!

Everyone has a favourite teacup. Everyone needs a trusty teapot. But, serious tea tasters should also invest in glass teaware! Having glass in your collection has »

The Tea Makers of London

The Tea Makers of London are an award-winning UK tea brand, that offers a wide selection of teaware, pure tea and blended tea. I've had the »

Discovery Box | Curious Tea

About Curious Tea Like many other tea subscription boxes, Curious Tea aims to broaden your tea knowledge! Unlike other subscription services, they have chosen to focus »

Teaolat | Hotel Chocolat

For a tea lover who is also chocolate obsessed, there is little better than a combination of the two. Normally, this would mean a few sneaky »


Colourful tea, colourful life! Every cuppa brings a rainbow of happiness to my day, even if it's a small one. Don't we all feel this way »

Dollar Tea Club

Introducing Dollar Tea Club, a tea subscription service that operates a little differently to others! The Subscription Dollar Tea Club has 3 subscription packages; Explorer, Sommelier »

Tea Tourist | Magic & Mischief

Fancy an adventure? Use code “TASTETHETEA” for 25% off your first box. Magic and Mischief In 2016, I set to out to curate the Christmas Tea »

Tea Tourist | Shine & Sparkle

Fancy an adventure? Use code “TASTETHETEA” for 25% off your first box. Shine & Sparkle Happy 1st Birthday Tea Tourist! What an incredible year of tea »

Advent with Westholme Tea Farm

December 2016 I watched in envy for 24 days. Fellow tea lovers opened their various advent calendars, and shared their tea adventures with the online tea »

Top 10 Tea Books

01 | The Art and Craft of Tea: An Enthusiast's Guide to Selecting, Brewing, and Serving Exquisite Tea - Joseph Wesley Uhl Published: November 2015 Inside: A »

15 of the Best Tea Advent Calendars

Advent calendars no longer conform to the more traditional chocolate. These days you can get almost anything tasty in an advent calendar.... and yes, you'll be »

Santa's Christmas Tea List

Looking for the perfect Christmas tea this festive season? Take a look at Santa's exclusive list of Christmas teas! Remember if you want to search for »

Fox Tea Club

Super cute Fox Tea Club were kind enough to send a selection of their tea! Again, can we just stop and appreciate how bloody cute the »