3 Ingredient All-Purpose Cleaner

A natural cleaner is, IMO, the easiest homemade recipe you can incorporate into a zero waste lifestyle. My cleaning products have transformed from 7 chemical-filled plastic bottles to just one all-purpose cleaner.

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Benefits of a Natural Cleaner

Not only does a DIY cleaner cut down on the amount of plastic in your home, but it also eliminates unnecessary toxins and chemicals. Your home becomes a healthier place to live within. Additionally, you end up saving money! All the $$$ for various cleaning products stacks up. Having a simple, all-purpose cleaner, that uses a few cheap ingredients, cuts your household costs down.

All-Purpose Natural Cleaner Recipe

What you'll need
- An old jar or container
- Spray bottle
- White vinegar - Water
- Scent (citrus rinds, herbs, essential oil)

The simple way to make all-purpose cleaner
• Take your scent and add it to your jar. You can use citrus peels, flowers, herbs, essential oils (10 drops), or a combination of these. It's really fun to experiment with scents.

• Fill the jar with white vinegar and screw the lid on tight. Leave to 'stew' for 1-2 weeks.

• When the cleaning solution has had time to absorb the scent, mix 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water, in a spray bottle. I re-used the bottle from a room spray, after I had finished the contents.

• Store away the remaining vinegar solution for when you're running low. Now, it's time to get cleaning!

A few scent combinations to try:
• Mint & Orange
• Lemon & Lavender
• Orange & Rosemary
• Plain Lemon
• Grapefruit & Lime
• Mint, Tea Tree & Lime

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