What the hell is yaupon?

There is only one caffeninted plant in the whole of north america... Do you know what it is?

What Is Yaupon?

Yaupon is a plant native to North America. Like tea, it's packed with antioxidants and caffeine. However, it's more closely related to yerba mate.

Yaupon Brothers


Yaupon has been drunk by indigenous tribes in Northern America (specifically Florida) for centuries. Archaeological records actually show that it has been consumed for at least 10,000 years! According to the Yaupon Brothers, native tribes reserved yaupon consumption for high-status tribal elders and guests. Before the chief took a sip, an offering first to be given to the spirits. It was then drank in large amounts to purge the body of negativity.

Yaupon Brothers

Tasting Notes

I'm usually skeptical about trying out new herbs. I always assume I won't like them, because there are so many I don't like and so few I do. So... Yaupon?
Aroma: It's exactly like unripened banana; light and refreshing! Flavour: Despite being a related to the yerba mate plant, this herb tastes nothing like it's woody, savoury cousin. Instead, these leaves hold a very mild toasted sweet note, carry hints of nut and a finish that brings back the light delicious banana type flavour. ITS SO DAMN GOOD. I'M A TOTAL CONVERT!

Yaupon Brothers

Final Thoughts

I loved yaupon so much that I wrote this post on it! Something about it made me want to share it with fellow tea lovers! Although not part of my daily routine, this herb will defiantly be re-stocked once I run out. Special thanks to Tea Tourist for including it in one of their boxes!


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