Black Dragon Pearls

About This Tea

Origin: Fengqing, Yunnan Province,, China
Supplier: Tea Repertoire
Black Dragon Pearls are a hand-rolled black tea, famously from Yunnan Province, China. The artful rolling process creates dainty tight balls, or pearls, of tea, that elegantly unfurl as they steep. It's hard to tell while they are rolled, but as they unfurl you'll notice that this tea uses high quality whole leaf and buds!

An indulgent, luscious black tea that pleases the eyes as much as the palate.

Tea Repertoire Black Tea Dragon Pearls

These pearls are fascinating! I've tried Black Dragon Pearls before, but they were smaller, pea sized. These are more like cased walnuts! While smaller pearls usually unfurl into free leaves, these are tied with string, making them open into a beautiful flower. It truly is art form!


Gorgeous! This is exactly my kind of tea! The aroma is full of sweet, light, malty notes that hint of summer fruits and dried wood.

Tea Repertoire  Black Tea Dragon Pearls


Like chocolate! These pearls have an earthy cacao like essence. There's lots of deep dark chocolate notes, a slight tobacco, a touch of fruit and a natural sweetness. The flavour combines with a satisfying, thick mouth feel and long finish that makes you feel like your sucking on a melting square of chocolate. These leaves are so good that I steeped them 4 times and they still tasted amazing!

Tea Repertoire Black  Black Tea Dragon Pearls

Final Thoughts

I have 5 pearls left and I'm torn. Half of me wants to drink them all and taste them again as soon as I can. The other half wants to save them for a rainy day! Decisions, decisions. Either way, the end result is the same, they are super easy to enjoy and taste amazing!


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