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Like many other tea subscription boxes, Curious Tea aims to broaden your tea knowledge! Unlike other subscription services, they have chosen to focus on quality, high grade, pure tea. By avoiding blended and flavoured teas, their service allows a true focus on the finest tasting teas for a premium quality experience.

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The Subscription


The "Discovery Box" contains 10g of four different, carefully sourced loose leaf tea. This is enough to make approximately 4 cups of each tea. However, the quality of the leaf is so great that most teas can undergo repeated steeps and still withhold their great flavour. This means you can actually get way more cups in!


Payment can be made via two options. The first, by automatic billing; monthly (£9.50) or quarterly (£27.00). The second, via one-off bulk purchases of 3 (£28.50), 6 (£55.00) or 12 (£105.00) boxes.
You also get a cheeky 10% discount off all loose leaf teas stocked in the online store. When you taste a tea and fall in love, stocking up is that little bit cheaper.


UK shipping is FREE! Curious Tea do ship to Europe and the rest of the world, but this incurs a slight cost. Prices vary depending where in the world you are.

The Tea

Tan Cuong Fish Hook

Brew Guide: 80°c, 2 Minutes
Origin: Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam
Elevation: 300m
Harvest: Spring 2016
Flavour Profile: Strong, Grassy, Vegetal.
About This Tea: Tan Cuong is made using traditional hand processing techniques, whereby the leaves are hand rolled into their characteristic shape.

Curious Tea Subscription Box Tan Cuong Fish Hook Green tea

Tasting Notes: This tea was a first for me, having never tasted a tea from Vietnam! Its aroma is super grassy, which transcends into a grassy flavour too. However, I found that it was equally vegetal. The flavour remains savoury and refreshing but does develop a dry mouth-feel. It's not a tea I would willfully select, despite this, I really enjoyed the flavour. Moreso, I really respect the care taken to process and produce the fine fish hooks!

Huang Shen Mao Feng

Brew Guide: 80°c, 2-3 Minutes
Origin: Anhui Province, China
Elevation: 800m
Harvest: April 2016
Flavour Profile: Light, Vegetal, Sweet
About This Tea: This is a supreme green tea, highly regarded in China as one of the best. Grown at the foot of the Yellow mountain range and produced with hand-picked young leaves that are often covered in white hairs. Hence the name, which translates in English to ‘Yellow Mountain Fur Peak’.

Curious Tea Subscription Box Huang Shen Mao Feng green Tea Curious Tea Subscription Box Huang Shen Mao Feng green Tea

Tasting Notes: The steeped colouring is pale, with a strong grassy aroma that I'm not keen on. In a twist though, the flavour is so light! The minimal grassy flavour is surprising! Instead, you're greeted by a gentle, fruity flavour, a dry finish and no astringency. Such a great green tea!

Zhang Ping Shui Xian

Brew Guide: 90°c, 4-5 Minutes
Origin: Fujian, China
Harvest: Summer 2016
Flavour Profile: Roasted, Nutty, Creamy.
About This Tea: This is an unusual rare type of black tea, having been pressed into square cakes. This variety of tea is usually produced as an oolong but has been allowed to fully oxidise into a black tea.

Curious Tea Subscription Box Zhang Ping Shui Xian Oolong

Tasting Notes: This tea is perfect for my palette! I savoured every cup and every mouthful! When I finally brewed up the last chunk, I had a sense that I was losing something beautiful from my collection, and an essential flavour would now be missing. Its unique, with a set of flavours that are malty, toasted, buttery and incorporate tobacco and mineral notes. It has a super thick mouthfeel that makes it like sipping down chocolate.

Cha da Vovo Brazilian Black

Brew Guide: 90°c, 3-4 Minutes
Origin: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Elevation: Harvest: February 2016
Flavour Profile: Smooth, Malty, Sweet, Citrus.
About This Tea: Also known as “grandmother’s tea”, this is a unique artisanal Brazilian black. Although most Brazilian tea is grown in this area due to the climate and landscape, they are usually used for teabags because most are low quality.

Curious Tea Subscription Box Cha da Vovo Brazilian Black tea

Tasting Notes: A malty aroma is followed by slight underlying fruitiness. The actual flavour is somewhat similar. This medium strength black tea produces a malty flavour with added sweet fruity notes, steeped with citrus and a light hint of stone fruits. I found it to have a mild, yet sweet, astringency in the finish, similar to burnt sugar or bitter caramel. Overall, a tasty brew when taken black and brewed well.

Final Thoughts

The thing I love most about Curious tea is the no-nonsense kinda style. It like... here's this great tea, here's all the info about said tea... Now go enjoy it. It's simplistic and perfect. The deviation away from the ever-growing popularity of blended tea makes this box different from the rest. The teas are of unquestionable quality, each having an array of complex and multi-layered flavours. If you want to explore the world of premium tea, this is the only box to get.

Curious Tea also have a Classic Box, which contains larger quantities of two teas!


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