Dollar Tea Club

Introducing Dollar Tea Club, a tea subscription service that operates a little differently to others!

Dollar Tea Club Subscription Box

The Subscription

Dollar Tea Club has 3 subscription packages; Explorer, Sommelier and Sensai. Normally, I would briefly talk about the differences, but... Frankly, I got bored and confused trying to understand them, which is all I need to say. However, they have said they are working towards the much-needed task of simplifying their options! Anyhoo, I received the Explorer! So let's go explore it!

Dollar Tea Club Subscription Box

Every explorer pack contains 3 teabag filters and 6-8 cups of tea, spread across 3 different teas. Of the teas I received, 2 of them only had enough for 1 cup. The other made 3, but could have made 4 at a push, so my pack just about made the expected amount.

Something that makes Dollar Tea Club unique is the ability to add honey sticks and additional teabag filters. Perfect if you don't yet have a steep basket and/or aren't used to unsweetened tea! I really like this touch! I feel like it make tea accessible to all types of tea drinkers!

$1.. Yes, that is correct! You're guaranteed at least 3 different cups of tea, for an amazing price!

Dollar Tea Club ships to anywhere in the USA and Canada! Although postage isn't free, the flat rate of $3 is a very fair cost! Orders are shipped within 3 business days of purchases and take a further 3-8 business days to arrive.

Dollar Tea Club Subscription Box

The Tea

Raspberry Lemon

Ingredients: Apple, Lemon Peel, Sugar Butterflies, Pineapple, Beetroot, Hibiscus, Raspberry, Flavoring and Pink Cornflower Petals.
Tasting Notes: Musty, fruity and earthy. This is a hibiscus first tea, with quick notes that changes into a finish of lemon and light raspberry. The finish is dry, with a mouth-watering, tangy sourness that I loved! The fore notes are fairly plain; it's all about the end of the cup!

Dollar Tea Club Subscription Box - Raspberry Lemonade Fruit Tea

Winter Pudding

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Apple, Grapes, Elderberries, Figs, Dates, Almond Pieces, Cinnamon, Citrus Peel, Flavoring and Lemon Granulate.
Tasting Notes: This is a classic winter blend. It shares similarities to many winter teas I've tasted before. The first note is the earthy, musky flavour of hibiscus, which moves into spices, sour apple and a general fruitiness. The experience is super warming and a little comforting. These types of blends are a great alternative to mulled wine and make a great flask companion on cold hikes.

Dollar Tea Club Subscription Box - Winter Punch herbal Fruit Tea

Periodically Pain-Less

Ingredients: Anise Seed, Cinnamon, Limetree Petals, Melissa, Green Mate, Liquorice Root, Heather Petals, Ginger, Cloves, Cardamon and Natural Flavoring.
Tasting Notes: I'll start by saying it's a pretty looking herbal tea, with different natural hues of green, brown-y yellows and dots of contrasting pale purple. But, I dreaded tasting it. I'm quite particular about herbal tea and I'm not a massive fan of liquorice. However, owing to the name, I actually saved this for my time of the month. On occasion (thankful not always), I get pain so bad that has me doubling over. When I tried this tea, the pain was enough to turn my apprehensiveness, into a sense of longing and hope. As expected, liquorice is prominent, but in a way that it combines gently with the cloves and floral flavour. The result is a relaxing wellness feeling. The flavours aren't my thing and I wasn't sure if had any effect on my pain, so it's not something I would make a regularity. It was enjoyable enough though, and worth a try!

Dollar Tea Club Subscription Box - Periodically Pain-less Yerba Mate Tea

Final thoughts

I really like this concept of Dollar Tea Club... I mean come on... Even with postage, the Explorer box is only $4. That's $1.33 per packet of tea! Go into any cafe, chain or indie, and you will never get a tea as cheap as these! AND... The tea tastes good! Ok, not all of these were to my style, but the ingredients have a healthy feeling about them. I'd have liked to have seen the quantity of tea more evenly distributed. Aside from this, my only other qualms WOULD have been that more clarity on the different subscriptions. As if by magic though, Dollar Tea Club updated their website! It now looks super funky and the different subscription options are very easy and clear to understand! They've even added a Build-Your-Own box option! Good work team DTC!


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