What the fudge!?

Tea and food are high on the list of things I love. I mean... Anything with tea, anything with food, I'm probably gonna love it. Take note, if I'm not drinking tea, I'm stuffing my face... So when my two loves combine, I go crazy. When these tea-infused fudges arrived from Fudge Kitchen, my instinct was to unapologetically stuff them down in one sitting. I didn't actually do that. I held off, opened the box, and took some photos whilst being teased by the creamy fudge aroma and salivating profusely. The struggle was real...

Fudge Kitchen Afternoon Tea

Fudge Kitchen Afternoon Tea

Extreme Earl Grey

You'll always hear me saying that Earl grey is one of my favourite blends. This obsession (because, yes, I am obsessed) makes me apprehensive to try earl grey flavour things. What if they don't quite live up expectations!? This fudge though... spot on, B.E.A.U.Tiful! The bergamot is so strong! It seamlessly combines with the rich creamy fudginess, leaving a long-lasting citrusy-floral taste.

Fudge Kitchen Afternoon Tea Earl Grey

Persian Rose

Persian Chai is the amazing blend infused in this fudge. It's by Debonair Tea co. and, if you like floral tea, it's amazing! After enjoying the actual tea, is it any surprise that I thought the fudge was also yummy? The fudge itself is full of floral flavours, rose heavy, but with the occasional cooling notes of lavender. It's like a creamy Turkish delight that melts on the tongue!

Fudge Kitchen Afternoon Tea Persian Rose

Masala Chai

This is incredible! I was expecting a hint of cinnamon and potentially some cloves, but the flavour is wayyy better and more complex than that! It carries a spiced warming feeling of pepper and ginger, making it easy to imagine you were actually sipping a chai seconds before! It's sweet (obvs), but it also has a salty element. This combination of flavours creates a striking balance between sweet, savoury and spicy! I'd never have thought chai could be captured so well in fudge! My taste buds are thankful!

Fudge Kitchen Afternoon Tea Masala Chai

Fudge Kitchen Afternoon Tea

Fudge Kitchen Afternoon Tea

Final Thoughts

My number 1 favourite thing about fudge is the way it melts and dissolves the flavour across the tongue. Boy, do these have flavour! There's no subtleness in these sweet treats, they are all so impressively full of flavour. Fudge Kitchen has done an excellent job in making fudge worthy of afternoon tea!


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