4 Reasons You NEED Glass Teaware!

Everyone has a favourite teacup. Everyone needs a trusty teapot. But, serious tea tasters should also invest in glass teaware! Having glass in your collection has many advantages that keep your tea tasting experience at the top of its game! Here's why...


The most appealing benefit of glass is getting to witness your tea steeping! Whether this means watching the actual leaves unfurl, or keeping an eye on the changing water colour, it's always satisfying and bewildering! I mean, take a look at these Dragon Pearls unfurling away! It's pure magic! Glass teaware isn't just aesthetically pleasing though. Seeing the steeping liquid clearly, enables you to tell at a quick glance if your tea is ready or not! Super handy.

Heat Retention

Glass is a great conductor of heat, unfortunately for your fingers, this means most glass teaware can get very hot, very quickly. Major downside, especially if the cup has no handles! Double walled teaware to the rescue! Just look at these cuties from Tea Repertoire! Double walled tumblers and teacups are becoming increasingly popular. The insulating layers keep the contents of the cups warmer for longer, with the outer wall of the glass staying cool. All the while protecting your fingers from burning!

Tea Repertoire Double Walled Glass Teacups


I don't know about you, but I have stains on all my favourite mugs. I'm very bad at giving them regular, vigorous scrubs. It's not all my fault though. These stains happen because the materials are porous and microscopically uneven. For this reason, materials such as ceramic, porcelain and plastics, absorb the staining particles in tea. In comparison, glass is nonporous and microscopically smooth, so skipping a good scrub doesn't matter! The stains will wipe right off!


It's not only stains that glass doesn't absorb. Being non-porous means that glass won't easily hold flavours either! This is a MAJOR benefit for anyone tea tasting! I can't be the only one who's given my cup a quick rinse, then still been able to taste the flavours of the previous tea mingled with my current one. (Am I just lazy? Perhaps.) From the glorious first morning sip, to the quick mid-day tea break, to the serious tasting sessions, each harmonious sip will be fresh.

Tea Repertoire Glass Teacup

I've fallen in love with the way water transcends from clear to coloured and become a complete addict for watching quality leaves agonise. I've made glassware, not only part of my morning, but part of my tea tasting ritual too. It's enabled me to focus on more elements of the tea, making me feel more connected to tea as a whole. I'm now convinced that all tea lovers need a little glassware in their life!

Tea Repertoire Glass Teacup

What do you think? Do you already have a trusty glass teacup? Or are you ready to ditch the traditional teacup for a more modern, less delicate, but equally refined glass teacup?

If yes... I'd wholeheartedly recommend Tea Repertoire's collection. They have a WHOLE range of super affordable glassware, that comes in the most beautiful, sleek packaging (I tried to get photos, but I can't do them justice!). Their collection actually inspired this post, which is why all photos above show their products!


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