Heavenly Golden Elixir

The Milana Company is a new Canadian brand that I've recently become obsessed with! Their all-organic launch collection is AMAZING, but as my opinion on this blend flipped so much, I thought it deserved a stand alone post!

The Milana Company Heavenly Golden Elixir

About This Tea

Ingredients: Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Black Pepper, Anise and Fennel.
Brew Guide: 100°c, 5 Minutes
Supplier: The Milana Company

The Milana Company Heavenly Golden Elixir

I hadn't taken the time to jump into the turmeric trend or understand what the fuss was about. So, when Milana gave me free reign on their launch collection, I saw it as an opportunity to give turmeric tea a real try with their organic turmeric blend.

The Milana Company Heavenly Golden Elixir

But, the first few sips has me thinking turmeric wasn't for me. The earthiness and kick of spices were ok, but these flavours seemed to fight over each other and made feel something was missing. The blend felt healthy, but I'm not one to pinch my nose or grit my teeth and bare something because it’s good for me. I have to also enjoy it. I experimented. I made it straight; I made it as a latte. No matter how I tried it, I didn't get it.

The Milana Company Heavenly Golden Elixir

Heavenly Golden Elixir doesn't contain tea. As a tea fanatic, there are few herbals I get pumped over, so it's not surprising to me that I wasn't sold. I wanted to enjoy it, so I created the obvious solution... I added tea!

The Milana Company Heavenly Golden Elixir

Milana also sent me a black tea blend called Breakfast Bold, an awesome mix of Ceylon and Assam. An equal amount of this with Heavenly Golden Elixir and I was genuinely in heaven. The turmeric still pumps out that savoury earthy flavour, but it’s broken up by the malty sweetness of black tea. Where the cup felt flat before, now it was alive with flavours, dancing and combining in harmony. It felt like taking that first sip of tea in the morning, whilst doing a MASSIVE sigh and letting your shoulders release all their tension. It was relaxing; in a way I crave to experience every day. I'm a total convert! I went from thinking "I'll never try turmeric again" to being a total addict!

What are your thoughts on turmeric? Are you a lover, a hater, a converted?


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