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Bluebird treats us with their weird, wonderful and downright tasty blends all year round. For me, and many other Bluebird fans, spring is the most anticipated time. HOT CROSS BUN is back bitches!

Bluebird tea Co Rooibos Hot Cross Buns

Every year, as February sinks closer to March, I get some kind of magical craving for the taste of freshly baked spiced treats that are... hot cross buns. Unlike in Britain, in Canada these baked babies aren't available all year round. SHOCK OF MY LIFE. From like... mid-February, I have literally been hankering around the various Vancouver bakeries, checking the windows and inquiring. When the hell will they start appearing! The answer is mid-March. That's damn near a WHOLE MONTH of craving.

Lucky for me, I had a cheeky stash of Bluebirds Hot Cross Bun tea from last year!

Bluebird tea Co Rooibos Hot Cross Buns

Ingredients: Rooibos, Sri Lankan Black Tea, Cinnamon, Hibiscus, Apple, Rosehip, Orange Peel, Lapsang Souchong, Vanilla, Cranberry, and Flavouring.
Brew Guide: 100°C, 4+ Minutes

Bluebird tea Co Rooibos Hot Cross Buns

Aroma: A strong hit of creamy vanilla, that's sweet and alluring.
Flavour: That captivating vanilla that catches your attention in the aroma, drifts into the flavour, tantalizing the taste buds. The rooibos creates sweetness and a deep caramel flavour, like sticky bun topping and slightly burnt raisins. There's also a biscuity-ness, followed by cinnamon spices and a quick citrus!

Quick Tip: To really enhance the citrus flavour, squeeze a fresh orange, until until it yields about 2 tsp of juice. Add this to the cup to create a a real orange kick that brings out those delicious HCB type spices.

Bluebird tea Co Rooibos Hot Cross Buns

Final Thoughts: This brew is flipping tasty. But... I am so obsessed with real hot cross buns, that the tea replication doesn't quite hit the spot on its own. I miss that soft crispy bite, the fruity tang, the ooze of butter and the way it all melds together. Since the real HCB's appeared last week, I found this brew makes a better pairing than a replacement! In a pinch though... when there isn't a hot cross bun for miles around, this is a lifesaver!


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