Little Miracle Iced Tea

About Little Miracles

Little Miracles are a collection of organic teas, blended with ginseng and fruit juice, that are developed with consumer health and well being in mind. We all want to be a little healthier don't we? And sometimes those pesky, overly sweet, fizzy drinks just aren't tempting enough to take a step in the opposite direction. Little Miracles drinks are sweetened, but with organic agave and cane sugar, providing a better and more natural alternative to traditional sugared drinks. They're also less than 100 calories!

At the moment there are 5 flavours in the Little Miracles collection and I was lucky enough to taste them all!

Little Miracles Bottled Iced Tea Collection

Green Tea & Pomegranate

An unusual, and perhaps exciting, fruit to blend with! My initial thoughts though, were that this one had a non-distinct fruity taste, its not particularly prominent. Which makes sense considering pomegranate doesn't have a powerful flavour. However, after a few sips the earthy notes of ginseng start to make a solid appearance, and are then subdued again by the sweet agave finish. Its refreshing, but not distinctive enough to be a memorable drink.

Black Tea & Peach

A classic iced tea blend that's sure to be a great introductory flavour for those new to Little Miracles. It packs a punchy peach aroma, that makes it appetising and tempting before it's even tasted! Peach is the predominant flavour, hardly a surprise considering the smell. As well as being tasty and flavoursome it's also incredibly sweet, great if you need a sugar fix, but a little too heavy to be refreshing.

White Tea & Cherry

An awesome little drink that boasts the subtlety of white tea, with gentle cherry notes. It's not punchy, unlike the black tea & peach, but it doesn't need to be, because its gentle flavours are comforting and non intimidating for those wanting to try out something new.

Rooibos Tea & Elderberry

A lovely light ginger, combined with a subtle fruit flavour and the caramel flavours of rooibos, make this one the sweetest by far! This is the best one for that after lunch sugar fix.

Lemongrass & Ginger

Whilst this doesn't technically contain tea, I do feel I've saved the best till last. Although I may be slightest biased as I'm completed obsessed with ginger at the moment (no, I promise you, I'm not pregnant). I found this one to be one of the most pleasant, particularly in terms of sweetness, as the combo of light lemongrass, zingy ginger and earthy ginseng gives this Little Miracle a slightly more savory note. Its not overly powerful or punchy, but it is a very welcoming flavour that provides that lasting refreshment you need on a hot day.

Little Miracles Bottled Iced Tea Collection

Final Thoughts

If your a sweet tooth, looking for a healthier alternative drink, your gonna love every single one of these Little Miracles. However, to contrast, some people may find them a little too sweet to be completely refreshing and enjoyable. At the end of the day though, each one is a great combinations of flavours, they all work well and combine their ingredients effortlessly.



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