Tea Rebellion: Ali Shan Oolong

Right now, I spend more time drinking tea than I do writing about it. My blog has changed, but my tea loving nature hasn't. What once was all about tea has expanded to include my ethical passions. I still love tea as much as I ever did, but I want my cupboard to be consciously stocked. In doing so, I strive to find tea that has a positive impact on people, communities and the environment.

Tea Rebellion has been on my radar since mid-2018. As soon as I found them, I was smitten! Direct trade, ethically sourced and single origin... Tell me whatโ€™s not to love?

Tea Rebellion recently launched a quarterly subscription box, which contains 3 teas. The 'March' tea was an Ali Shan oolong (one of my favourite types of teas!), from the Jhentea estate in Taiwan.

Tea Profile

Aroma: Beautifully complex! The bag smells lightly floral, with a mix of vegetal and grass. A closer whiff allows an opening of sweet notes of cream and cake.

Flavour: Depending on the steep time, water temperature and number of times steeped, I found this varied from:
โ€ข A dry bouquet with notes of lily, daisy, and gentle lily of the valley
โ€ข A softer, sweeter floral with a vegetal edge, and hint of milk
โ€ข A quick green flavour of peas, kale, and grass, followed by a long, powdery lily finish

Things to Love

The Tea
๐ŸŒพ Organic
๐Ÿ‘‰ Direct Trade

The Estate
Jhentea is a family business, run by a 4th generation tea maker! They don't have organic certification, but they do work to cultivate the tea naturally. Tea plants attract pests, so to control this, the estate uses organic, natural cultivation methods. These methods attract bio-diversity and also enrich the soil (nutrient-rich soil can be an issue in farming). Overall, their farming techniques create teas that are chemical and pesticide free.

DISCLAIMER: Tea gifted by Tea Rebellion, however this is not a paid post. All opinions are my own.

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