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In 2016, I set to out to curate the Christmas Tea List. After adding new tea's in 2017, it now contains over 70 festive teas, that I personally sampled, photographed and created tasting notes for! Yet, I've still only managed to taste two of the yuletide blends in this box! It's nice to get acquainted with four new festive friends and know that there's still lots of tea out there to try!

Cranberry Sauce | Parched Tea

Ingredients: Rooibos, Rosehip, Raspberry Pieces, Cranberry Pieces, Lime Leaves and Natural Flavours.
Tasting Notes: This festive blend has a definite sharp, fruity aroma. Whilst its flavour mixes tangy raspberry, mild fruits and honeyed rooibos. Admittedly, this isn't something I would normally enjoy, but the flavours combine to produce an adventurous and unusual tea that tastes great.
Enjoyed: With a roast dinner! Cranberry Sauce Rooibos Parced Tea Tea Tourist Subscription Box

La Beaute | Pacifique Herbal Infusions

Ingredients: Quince, Ginger, Apple, Carrot, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Mallow, Verbena, Cranberry, Blue Cornflower and Natural Flavouring.
Tasting Notes: God, this smells delicious! The packet expels a general citrus note and a strong hit of mouthwatering grapefruit. It's an unusual scent, not common in tea, so I was excited! However, the steeped aroma loses the intrigue of grapefruit and is replaced with a significant lemon vibe. This is also echoed in the flavour, entwined with a menthol edge. I'm not too good with hot lemon, so my excitement quickly dissolved. It's a good wholesome blend, but just not for me. La Beaute Herbal Pacifique Herbal Infusions Tea Tea Tourist Subscription Box

White Christmas | Nothing But Tea

Ingredients: White Tea, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Nutmeg and Rose Petals.
Tasting Notes: An old friend! I've had the pleasure of tasting this before. Although this blend is great (because Nothing But Tea always create amazing blends), there are others I prefer. Let me just say, NB Tea did a G&T blend way before Fortnum and Mason, and I'd put money on that it's better... Anyway, as with most white teas, this holds light fragrant florals, but there's also a distinctive kick of cloves and (my fav) ginger. Very Festive. This is amazing and their other festive blends should be tasted too.
Enjoyed: Whilst under the covers, reading a book.

White Christmas Nothing But Tea White Tea Tea Tourist Subscription Box

Amarettea | Tugboat

Ingredients: Black Tea, Almond, Vanilla and Flavouring.
Tasting Notes: I have the good fortune to love all things almond flavoured, hence being enticed by the strong creamy notes of this tea! If you don't like almonds, step away now! This is a mellow tea with gentle, but clear, almond notes. It's creamy, but not overly nutty or sweet. YUM!
Enjoyed: With a slice of fruit cake, obviously...

Amaretta Black Tea Tugboat Tea Tourist Subscription Box

Christmas Cake | Bluebird Tea Co.

Ingredients: Ceylon Tea, Cloves, Orange Peel, Spruce Needles, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Almond, Snowflake Sprinkle and Flavouring.
Tasting Notes: Another old friend! I've had the pleasure of trying this for three years running now and every time my opinion changes. The detectable flavour are similar to previous tastings; a creaminess enhanced by vanilla and almonds, a kick of sweetness, citrus and a bitter tang. In the past, I've not been keen, unlike the majority of people who seem to love this blend. But, this year, I'm starting to see why people enjoy it. It's still not my fav, being a little too sweet for me, but its a nice change. Points for originality for the use spruce needles!
Enjoyed: With a chunky piece of toffee.

Christmas Cake Black Tea Bluebird Tea Co Tea Tourist Subscription Box

Mulled Wine Infusion | Rutland Tea Company

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Rose Hip, Apple, Orange Peel, Almonds and Cinnamon.
Tasting Notes: This smells exactly like marzipan! Sweet, with a hint of nuttiness. However, the flavours are a strong mouthwatering sour note, a punch of cinnamon and fruity citrus. The first few sips were perfection, but the more I drank, the more the cinnamon left a powdery overpowering taste in my mouth. Less cinnamon in this would be perfect for me. As it is... it's ok.
Enjoyed: From a flask, on a hike, with the true scent of pine in the air.

Mulled Wine Infusion Herbal Tea Rutland Tea Co Tea Tourist Subscription Box

Chocolate Orange Fudge | Fad Fudge

I love fudge! And damn this is tasty! It's exactly like chocolate orange. I'm not sure I could tell the two apart in a blind tasting!

Tea Tourist Subscription Box Chocolate Orange Fudge Fab Fudge

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