Colourful tea, colourful life! Every cuppa brings a rainbow of happiness to my day, even if it's a small one. Don't we all feel this way when drinking great tea? Teadaw infuses the palette of colour and flavour into their ethos, by delivering the tea we all need; good quality, single-origin Chinese tea.

Their collection is small, but by no means inadequate. Each one having been selected for its history, craftsmanship and organic production! And, if you're a fact hoarder like me, the website offers all manner of insightful and informative snippets about each tea; origins, full tea profile (leaf, liquor, aroma, taste), brewing guide and even the general production process.

They had me at colour, but the more I learn about Teadaw, the more I become enchanted.

TeaDaw Tea

Jade Sword | Green Tea

Origin: Sichuan Province, China
Elevation: 1450m
Harvest: Summer
Tasting Notes: It's easy to see how this tea earned its name. Each leaf is like a cute mini samurai! Although the aroma isn't expansive, if you get close to the cup it is fairly strong. And it smells exactly like sugar snap peas! Jade Sword is on the extreme end of vegetal, with sweet notes and astringency in the finish. Not terrible, but not my fav.

Teadaw Jade Sword Green Tea

Food Pairing | Hickory Salted Almonds
The smoked flavour seemed to extend in breadth between each sip of Jade Sword and then faded into an extra sweet creaminess of almond. The strong flavours didn't overpower the vegetal notes but did allow the pea flavour to linger with less astringency. Result!

Teadaw Jade Sword Green Tea Smoked Almonds Food Pairing

Golden Wool | Black Tea

Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Elevation: 1800m
Harvest: Spring
Tasting Notes: Look at those golden leaves! This tea is beautiful and sweet! The aroma carries a satisfyingly sticky hint of plum, black treacle and raspberries. In comparison, the flavour is less abundant. The mild flavours that are short and sweet, hold a quick fruity tickle, a gentle malt and a short tannic finish. It's certainly a treat!

Teadaw Golden Wool Black Tea Teadaw Golden Wool Black Tea

Red Agate | Black Tea

Origin: Sichuan Province, China
Elevation: 1450m
Harvest: Summer
Tasting Notes: Red Agate is a dark fruity tea. It emits a deep stone fruit aroma, but treats the drinker with a fruity malt flavour, drizzled with inflexions of caramel and dark chocolate. The result; a strong, comforting brew.

(I'm not sure how, but I managed to drink this one before photographing it! >.<)

Flower Fields | Yellow Tea

Origin: Sichuan Province, China
Elevation: 1450m
Harvest: Summer
Tasting Notes: This is one of very few yellows tea's I've tried. The others have been so unremarkable I can't even recall their flavour profile. I feel like this one will stick with me though, as both aroma and flavour are an amazing combination of strong florals and deep vegetals. It's like the perfect combination of oolong and green tea! There's a slight astringency in the finish, but aside from that, the cup is light, refreshing and tasty!

Teadaw Flower Fields Yellow Tea

Food Pairing | Ginger Biscuits
Ginger biscuits usually carry a bitter sort of aftertaste that's combined with a distinctive spicy-sweet flavour. These characteristics mask the astringency of Flower Fields. Amazingly, the delicate notes aren't overpowered by the spices and sugars. Instead, it blocks the more vegetal notes and the florals become more easily detected.

Teadaw Flower Fields Yellow Tea Ginger Biscuit Food Pairing

Final Thoughts

The first thing I loved about Teadaw was their super cute, clean modern packaging. The second was their great tasting tea & the third was their informative website. I quite literally have fallen in love!


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