Tea Review: Tea Tourist - Pt. II

Tea Tourist – Your passport to the wonderful world of loose leaf tea…

I previously reviewed the first ever Tea Tourist subscription box, which you can read all about by clicking the link. However, lucky little me has now received their second box, packed with teas perfect for the cold, yet festive, month of December. Here are my thoughts, enjoy!

Tea Tourist Monthly Subscription Box Christmas Edition

Scotch Acorn by Nothing But Tea

Whilst NB Tea have been operating since 2002, they don’t seem to be on many radars. I only discovered them in the later part of 2016 and have never turned back after falling in love with some of their festive blends that feature on the Christmas Tea List. Their blends are inventive and taste absolutely superb! Scotch Acron is majestic. It is the Ron Swanson of teas. (You need to watch Park and Recreation if you do not understand this reference, it is the single greatest TV show and you will not regret it.) The blend is smooth, yet dark, robust and complex, in a no-nonsense sort of way. The flavours accumulate to the taste of wood and nut, with a raw cocoa and hints of whiskey. Note there is actual whiskey in this, so savour this away from the office. My head went a little woozy! Once again, NB have expertly crafted something glorious and innovative.
I enjoyed this: As a fireside companion after a long dog walk in the cold. (and also at work... Once, shhh...) Scotch Acorn Black Tea by Nothing But Tea Featured in the Tea Tourist Monthly Subscription Box

Marzipan Rooibos by Hoogly Tea

With a simple philosophy to spread joy and comfort by encapsulating that hygge feeling in a tea cup, this brand was perfect for featuring in the December edition of Tea Tourist. The flavours are indeed marzipan-esque, with nice almond notes mixed with the caramelised rooibos. However, despite steeping for longer than the recommended time of 3-4 minutes, I did feel this was a little weak. It’s a good tea, but due to the extensive tasting for the afore mentioned Christmas Tea List, this tea was at a disadvantage, having tasted some excellently flavoursome rooibos blends that pack a bit more of a punch.
I enjoyed this: As a post dinner / pre bed time drink.

Marzipan Rooibos Hoogly Tea  Featured in the Tea Tourist Monthly Subscription Box

Gingerbread Chai by Tugboat Tea

A cute Cornish tea and coffee shop that traditionally blends and grinds everything in store. Their addition to the December package is a lovely rooibos blend, that could give some of the other gingerbread teas I’ve a tried a real run for their money. This one is zingy and sweet, but not overpoweringly so.
I enjoyed this: On a sunny, but very cold, December morning to warm me up! Gingerbread Chai Tug Boat teas  Featured in the Tea Tourist Monthly Subscription Box

Winter Spice by Chash Tea Co.

A tea company that creates their own blends and sees itself stocked in a number of cafes, restaurants and even hotels. This particular herbal blend is certified as organic with an extensive ingredient lists that includes spices, herbs, florals and fruits. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of chamomile, the smell seemed to stand out to me, combined with a herby essence. This herbyness is transferred to the flavour which combines with a warming citrus and spiced note. However, in a surprising finish, a cooling note, similar to that created by mint, can be detected. Although I wasn’t overly keen on the top or middle notes of Winter Spice, I really enjoyed the end to each sip, bringing me back for more.
I enjoyed this: At work as a little afternoon pick me up to refresh the senses. Winter Spice Chash Tea  Featured in the Tea Tourist Monthly Subscription Box

Shiraore Green from Momo Cha Fine Teas

Since 2011 Momo Cha have been specialising in sourcing small batch teas that are hard to find anywhere else. Shiraore Green is a Great Taste award winning Japanese tea and a great addition to the December Tea Tourist box. The flavour has slight toasted undertones that combine with a sweet grassy disposition to create a cutting and fresh green tea. In effect, it's a joyful reminder of the spring months to come.
I enjoyed this: Cold. Over ice this green tea is a further reflection of the zingy smells and biting winds that can be found in the freshness of spring, helping to beat the post-Christmas blues. Shiraore Green Momo Cha Fine Tea  Featured in the Tea Tourist Monthly Subscription Box

Citrus Ginger by LuLin Teas

This company is run by duo Hans and Amy, who carefully select and source their teas and try to give classic blends a touch of their own unique twists. Citrus Ginger is a tisane with 2 Great Taste Award stars, which are understandable given the punch it packs.
I enjoyed this: Never. Quite simply and honestly, I didn’t like this blend. However, this is in no way a reflection on the blend itself. I personally don’t like hot lemon. In fact, I hate it. Every time I need to taste a tea with strong lemon notes, like this one, I feel like a Dunkirk solider suffering from PTS and have cataclysmic flashbacks to being forced to drink Lemsips every time I had a cold. * Shudder *. In contrast to my view, my flatmate loves this kind of blend and found both the lemon and ginger to be super strong and zingy, with a slight spiciness, giving the tongue a pop of flavour. Just depends on your taste buds!

Citrus Ginger Lulin Tea  Featured in the Tea Tourist Monthly Subscription Box

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