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The Me Store speaks to ethics and well being. Founded by two Canadian women with a philosophy of natural living; to care for themselves, others AND the environment. Their products are organic and focus on three ways to nurture.
- Inspirational Me: spiritual well-being through aromatherapy - External Me: a nature-friendly and affordable skincare range - Internal Me: organic loose leaf tea.

I got to try a selection of their tea, so let's see how they made Me feel!

Royal Cream Earl Grey

Ingredients: Black Tea, Orange Peel, Cornflowers and Natural Flavouring.
Brew Guide: 100°C, 2 Minutes.
Tasting Notes: Call me predictable, I got excited by an earl grey. Again. Hard not too when the packet smells AMAZING! It's all bergamot and cream! Once steeped, everything calms down (myself included), as the pungent aromas become gentle. Taken black this is so tannic and bitter that I felt compelled to add milk. Luckily, this erases those nasties, cutting clean into brisk, heavy breakfast blend flavours. Although the bergamot is "light" for my taste, this blend had a perfect morning kick.

The Me Store Internal Me Tea Earl Grey Black tea

Moroccan Mint

Ingredients: Green Tea and Peppermint.
Brew Guide: 78°C, 2 Minutes.
Tasting Notes: Admittedly, it has been a while since I've sipped at a mint tea blend. Although, I can usually be found sipping a peppermint tea, without the gunpowder, in the evenings. Getting used to the reduced minty flavour was tough and I wanted to squeeze as much mint out as I could. For this reason, I managed to over brew. BITTER >.< I was much more careful with subsequent brews! I ended up with the comforting familiar taste of Chinese gunpowder green tea and a light playful mint. I shocked myself at how much I appreciated the flavour of green tea AND mint, not one or the other.

The Me Store Internal Me Tea Moroccan Mint Green Tea

Daily Green

Ingredients: Green Tea.
Brew Guide: 80°C, 2 Minutes.
Tasting Notes: Absolute classic! Every flavour and aroma of this is of the average Chinese green tea. Think toasted flavours, a slight nuttiness and vegetal notes!

The Me Store Internal Me Tea Daily green tea

Blackcurrent Rooibos

Ingredients: Green Rooibos, Cornflowers and Natural Flavouring. Brew Guide: 100°C, 5 Minutes.
Tasting Notes: This was a weird one for me. I have a hit and miss relationship with rooibos and I'm not mad about blackcurrant. The resulting blend of these ingredients made for a sweet and fruity brew. but was it wasn't really something I enjoyed.

The Me Store Internal Me Tea Blackcurrant Rooibos

African Carnival

Ingredients: Green Rooibos, Rose Petals, Mango, Calendula, Orange Peel, Apple and Natural Flavouring.
Brew Guide: 100°C, 3-5 Minutes.
Tasting Notes: I over steeped this. Actually not over steeped, excessively steeped. But it was beautiful! Unlike tea, rooibos is hardy and wayyy less delicate than tea, so when left to steep, there's little negative effect on flavour. The aroma is tutti fruitti, playful and reflects in the taste of sweet, floral, fruity and citrus. A lively caffeine-free brew!

The Me Store Internal Me Tea African Carnival Rooibos

Caramel Latte

Ingredients: Black Tea, Coffee, Sunflower Petals and Natural Flavouring.
Brew Guide: 100°C, 2-3 Minutes.
Tasting Notes: Confession... I don't like caramel and I don't like coffee! Despite this blend being a personal recipe for disaster, I did enjoy it! It smells sweet and creamy, a great start for me! Steeped, Caramel Latte is light and gentle, with creamy notes that move into a strong finish of coffee. There's a bitterness, but it's the enjoyable tang that's similar to a strong dark chocolate!

The Me Store Internal Me Tea Caramel Latte Black tea

Final Thoughts

I love the ethos of the company! I didn't feel like the tea was working some extra inner magic, but they were fun and tasty blends all the same!


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