Wedding Breakfast

May 30th is our wedding anniversary!

Our first year of marriage has been a whirlwind! We moved to Canada, from the UK, a few days after getting married and have been making a small corner for ourselves ever since.

Wedding Breakfast Fortnum & Mason

Fellow tea lovers won't be shocked to find that I wanted to share some tea with my wedding guests. Is it any surprise that I made it happen? Nope! I didn't want to stray too far away from a classic black tea that would be complimentary with milk and sugar, as that's what most Brits are into. Anything too adventurous and I knew I risked the tea going to waste. I also needed it to be a teabag, so that those without brewing equipment could easily enjoy the little wedding favour...

Wedding Breakfast Fortnum & Mason

Then I found Wedding Breakfast, a black blend (in a teabag!) by Fortnum & Mason. As the tea steeps the cup turns into a brilliant reddish hue, while projecting an aroma of ripe stone fruits. The flavour is strong and fruity, with notes of light citrus, mild grapefruit and stone fruits.

Wedding Breakfast Fortnum & Mason

I'm more knowledgeable now about being an informed consumer. This means I am making an effort to support local, be cruelty free, look after the body with organics and shop sustainably. Sadly, these pretty Wedding Breakfast teabags would not make it into my world of green living if I was wedding planning today. I won't be making any future purchases, no matter how delicious they are. That being said, I am so grateful to my past self for saving a little stash of these to enjoy while reminiscing about our beautiful wedding day!


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